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Service support

Service Hotline:
Tel:86-513-88802044 88802066 
E-mail: hh@ha-lh.com 
Is indebted you to favor buys the Nantong Huaheng Mechanical Manufacturing Co., Ltd. series product, I extend thesincere gratitude in this to you! In order to protect your legitimaterights and interests, avoids your extra worries, makes the followingmaintenance service pledge to you below, and provides to you serves:
1. The company strictly according to the national standard, thecontract and the technology standard request choice preferred plan,and comprehensively carries on the track, the monitoring, theexamination to the process quality, guarantees the product quality;
2. The establishment user service technology file, prepares thepost-sale track service; 
3. This company product, date of one year from in the purchase, thecompany free provides visits the service for you, after themaintenance expiration, still will provide the life-long service, inaccordance with the situation gathers the suitable maintenance cost; 
4. Every our company sells the product provides the productinstruction for use, the product certificate Ming edition, the packinglist and the related technical data to the user, and free carries ontraining for the user operator, the time, the population does notlimit. 
Service Description:
The customer when in the use product process, like the discoveryproduct cannot normally use, may immediately to the marketing centerpost-sale service department consult, and will use the product themodel, the specification, the use environment, the breakdownsituation, to purchase the date and the service request specify. After the service department after proposed the processingsuggestion, still could not solve, again definitely arranged to sendthe person or makes other processing.